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Industrial Statistics. Practical Methods And Guidance For Improved Performance

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HELPS YOU FULLY LEVERAGE STATISTICAL METHODS TO IMPROVE INDUSTRIAL PERFORMANCE Industrial Statistics guides you through ten practical statistical methods that have broad applications in many different industries for enhancing research, product design, process design, validation, manufacturing, and continuous improvement

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  • As you progress through the book, you'll discover some valuable methods that are currently underutilized in industry as well as other methods that are often not used correctly

    Based on his experience working with both clients and students, Dr

    By helping readers fully leverage statistical methods to improve industrial performance, this book becomes an ideal reference and self-study guide for scientists, engineers, managers and other technical professionals across a wide range of industries

    For each statistical method, the book Presents the most important underlying concepts clearly and succinctly Minimizes mathematical details that can be delegated to a computer Illustrates applications with numerous practical examples Offers a Questions to Ask section at the end of each chapter to assist you with implementation The last chapter consists of 100 practical questions followed by their answers

    If you're already familiar with statistical methods, you may want to take the test first to determine which methods to focus on

    In addition, its clear explanations and examples make it highly suited as a textbook for undergraduate and graduate courses in statistics.

    Joglekar focuses on real-world problem-solving

    With twenty-five years of teaching and consulting experience, author Anand Joglekar has helped a diverse group of companies reduce costs, accelerate product development, and improve operations through the effective implementation of statistical methods

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